For some, leaving cold, gray Michigan in January sounds like a great idea.  Today the soft snow that greeted me on the morning walk has turned blustery.  Those tracks in the fresh snow Jake and I left have blown over as if we had never been there.   In the past week we have gone from very cold temps over the frozen prairie with its beaten down grasses to rain that raised them up to light snow accenting each stalk and denuded flower stem.  If we time our early outings just right, we get to watch the sun rise bravely and brightly over the trees.  Same walk, same place, same weather challenges—but new every morning.  So, I’ll miss this place as we travel to the other side of the world, where heat is the challenge and the unexpected is waiting.  Jake will get to romp with his cousin-dog, Buckeye, while we follow other paths.  But we trust that the road will lead, twisting and turning, through other beauty but then back to this place we call home.