While I am wandering around this land surrounding Flat Iron Lake—exuding over swans, snapping turtles and baby robins—many people are suffering.  Folks, who share my sense of place albeit along the shores of the Gulf of Mexico, must now watch helplessly as oil washes ashore covering living creatures with brown goo. While I’m picking asparagus, lettuce and strawberries there are people with whom I share a common humanity, who are starving.  Even the act of writing this blog comes into question as I view this link, sent by one of my kids: http://www.starvedforattention.org/take-action.php#blog from Doctors Without Borders.  I feel guilty in such plentitude.  Seeing the strewn crack eggs of turtles along our soft paths is a fitting visual to remind me that beauty as well as life itself is fleeting and can slip away at any time.